Roman Rangers Committee request parents suspend club payments due to COVID-19

Roman Rangers committee have sent a statement to all parents and carers of players
requesting they suspend payments to the club during the virus crisis as people have more important things to focus on and pay for. The committee have sated “it’s the right thing to do given the circumstances especially as some parents may have been furloughed with 20% less money or the worst case made redundant”.

Please see the official statement below;

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Dear Players, Parents and Carers,
As we are all aware, we are living in some uncertain times currently with the COVID-19 virus. The committee have been discussing the situation and have agreed that due to this we would like for all monthly payments to be stopped until further notice.

We are more than aware that some people would have been made redundant or laid off due to certain businesses shutting doors, people being asked to take unpaid leave as the country and in some cases the world slows down.

As a community club we feel that in times like these all families need to focus on the things that really matter, and with this in mind we have made this decision to say, please cancel the payments to the club.

We want you to all pull together, focus on keeping each other safe and make sure that in this difficult time you pay for things that really matter. Our club is strong and will be back once all this issue passes where we hope to start the new season.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss anything please email

Gary Tinkler
Roman Rangers FC Club Secretary

Important Announcement

There will be required a 1 off Subs payment for July 2020 as we look to return earlier due to not being allowed out for the last few months. Please ensure you have made payment ASAP.

Important Announcement

If you have not yet cancelled your Direct Debit, please do so immediately.

For more information see
Roman Rangers Committee request parents suspend club payments due to COVID-19

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