Players wanted for 2020-21 Season

We have several teams looking for players if you would like more information please contact the manager next to the team.

Mini Kickers
(Age 5-7 Years Old)

Lots of fun with training due to start Saturday afternoons.
Please contact Gary on 07938 007040

U9’s players wanted
(School year 4 in September)

U9 Wildcats (Girls Team)
Multiple spaces.
Please contact Michael on 07506 662635

U9 Lions
Multiple spaces>
Please contact Terry on 07855 039815

U9’s Jaguars
1 player.
Please contact Tej on 07838 384820

U10’s players wanted
(School year 5 in September)

U10 Panthers
2 spaces.
Please contact Bal on 07870 989281

U11’s players wanted
(School year 6 in September)

U11 Belles (Girls team)
Multiple spaces.
Please contact Paul on 07892 899724

U11 Blues
1 to 2 players.
Please contact Gary on 07938 007040

U11 Jaguars
1 to 2 players.
Please contact Sean on 07972 827 819

U12’s players wanted
(School year 7 in September)

U12 Blues
1 to 2 players (preferably defender).
Please contact Sukhie on 07956 156033

U14’s players wanted
(School year 9 in September)

U14 Blues
Multiple Spaces.
Please contact Ewan on 07875 236056

U15’s players wanted
(School year 10 in September)

U15 Tigers
2 players (preferably 1 defender and 1 striker).
Please contact Terry on 07774 621646

U15 Rhinos
2 players (preferably 1 defender and 1 striker).
Please contact Suki on 07958 332536

Important Announcement

There will be required a 1 off Subs payment for July 2020 as we look to return earlier due to not being allowed out for the last few months. Please ensure you have made payment ASAP.

Important Announcement

If you have not yet cancelled your Direct Debit, please do so immediately.

For more information see
Roman Rangers Committee request parents suspend club payments due to COVID-19

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