Roman Rangers and Wolverton Tigermoths Merger Announcement

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To: All Parents, Players, Supports, Sponsors and Interested Parties

Joint Statement issued by Roman Rangers & Wolverton Tigermoths on Monday 25th January 2021

From the start of the 2021/2022 football season, it is our intention to merge as a single club with a brand-new name. Our joint history dates back almost 50 years, providing Youth Football in Milton Keynes. Both clubs enjoy an excellent reputation within the football community which is endorsed by the Football Association and Milton Keynes League alike. Our aspirations, traditions and ethos go far beyond football which makes the merger a particularly good match for both parties. We have plans to grow the newly formed club where our resources, together with our experience will prove invaluable.

Both clubs have much to offer. You will be aware that we are founder members of the newly formed partnership along with MK Dons Womens' and Girls. The three way partnership shares the new facility at Fairfields, which initially opened in November 2020.

The plan is for the site to include further facilities that will hopefully be available from September 2021 and once complete will offer the best football facilities in Milton Keynes. We jointly have access to other venues for matches and training where the resources will be pooled. discussions are taking place for us to take sole responsibility for management of at least one of these venues as the newly merged club. so, we can look forward to exciting times ahead.

The teams (players, managers, coaches) from both clubs will remain unaffected by the merger.

Name of New "merged" club and New Club Logo

We are running a competition where parents, players etc can take part in creating a new name for the club. The newly formed committee will decide on the best name put forward. We hope to create a new club logo which will address the future, and the past history of both clubs. More will follow on the logo due course. We will not be calling the club Roman Rangers or Wolverton Tigermoths as this would not look like a merger, but rather a takeover, hence the need for a change of name.

You will find the link to take part in the competition at the bottom of this article.

We feel that the new club will be stronger as a merged entity and we look forward to enjoying your support well into the future. Please now refer to our Question & Answer section below. If you have a question not covered here, or, require a more detailed answers please do not hesitate to call one of the people listed below.

Yours sincerely

Gary Tinkler (Club Chairman & Secretary)
Roman Rangers
07938 007040​

Dennis Knell (Club Secretary)
Wolverton Tigermoths
07725 500542

Joe Noctor (Club Chairman)
Wolverton Tigermoths
07561 153258

Question & Answers

Question 1: Will the team colours change as a result of the merger?

Answer 1: No, both teams currently play in royal blue, therefore, there is no need for a change of colours.

Question 2: How will this affect our team sponsors?

Answer 2: We very much value our teams sponsors and the contribution that they make to our club and look forward to their continued support into the future. The merger will not affect this relationship.

Question 3: Was the decision to merge a snap decision?

Answer 3: No, the idea was first mooted last summer and the clubs where in dialogue for at least 6 months before reaching the decision to merge.

Question 4: Does covid play a part in this decision?

Answer 4: To an extent, yes. All football clubs have faced challenges since the original lockdown in March 2020. Courses for the recruitment of all personnel needed to run a football club has been halted. It is not the main reason but has played a small part.

Question 5: Will there be a need for 2 websites (as are in place today)?

Answer 5: No, we will discuss the merits that each website has to offer and reach a joint conclusion as to which one suits our needs best moving forward.

Question 6: How does the merger affect current committee members?

Answer 6: There is scope for all of our current volunteers to continue doing a great job for us. We dont anticipate much in the way of change and will offer us opportunity to have more cover across these important roles.

Question 7: Will the format for end-of-season presentation days be affected by the merger?

Answer 7: No, both clubs have traditionally held a "fun day" to incorporate the end of season presentations and this will continue. It's the highlight of the year for both clubs. if covid allows, it is our intention to hold a joint get-together ahead of the new 2021/2022 season.

Question 8: Will the history of both clubs be lost in this merger?

Answer 8: Absolutely not. Our joint history will be reflected in the new club badge and will be celebrated at the annul presentation event, as it has for many years past.

Question 9: Have the managers, coaches, club members been involved with the decision to merge?

Answer 9: Yes, a series of virtual meetings took place prior to a final decision being reached.

Enter the Competition

We are running a competition where parents, players etc can take part in creating a new name for the club. The newly formed committee will decide on the best name put forward. We hope to create a new club logo which will address the future, and the past history of both clubs.
Enter the competition

Important Announcement

With the return of Football we would also kindly urge parents to make updates on payments when possible. For more information on the sub payments and how these costs are spent read our club statement.

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Return to football and payments

Important Announcement

There will be required a 1 off Subs payment for July 2020 as we look to return earlier due to not being allowed out for the last few months. Please ensure you have made payment ASAP.

Important Announcement

If you have not yet cancelled your Direct Debit, please do so immediately.

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Roman Rangers Committee request parents suspend club payments due to COVID-19

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