Return to football and payments

An update and statement from the club on the Return to football and sub payments.

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Dear All,

With the return of Football from today we wanted to write to you to keep you updated with payments for the continued season and ensure everyone knows what happens with these costs.

Roman Rangers FC make payments in advance of the season to secure pitches, equipment, insurances etc. this money is then claimed back via subs throughout the 10 month period of August to May. The club is a non-profit organisation and made up entirely of volunteers so any funds paid are used for the children that are part of the club.

Some have asked if we have been able to reclaim any costs and unfortunately as everything has been paid in advance and everyone is in the same situation, to date we have had no refunds meaning the club is reliant on payments continuing. All the budgets are shared on the committee and AGM meetings to which anyone who has interest in this, you are welcome to attend throughout the year.

As a club we made the decision to cancel costs for the first lockdown as we did not expect we would be in this position for this amount of time we would have loved to be able to support throughout the rest of the lockdowns but it was not possible. A communication was sent via the managers asking for you to consider continuing to pay for January/February due to the ongoing costs we have still been incurring and we thank everyone for this.

The season has been extended into June for this year to make up for some of the lost time meaning your payments are expected to restart from 31st March onwards but we will not be expecting a payment for the extended month of June as the March payment will now cover this.

We hope you understand the position the club is in, we all want the best for the club and have exciting times ahead but as always if you have any question please raise with your football manager.

We wish you all the best for the rest of the season and look forward to the return of Football.

Yours Sincerely,
Roman Rangers FC Committee

Important Announcement

With the return of Football we would also kindly urge parents to make updates on payments when possible. For more information on the sub payments and how these costs are spent read our club statement.

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Return to football and payments

Important Announcement

There will be required a 1 off Subs payment for July 2020 as we look to return earlier due to not being allowed out for the last few months. Please ensure you have made payment ASAP.

Important Announcement

If you have not yet cancelled your Direct Debit, please do so immediately.

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