Important Announcement

With the return of Football we would also kindly urge parents to make updates on payments when possible. For more information on the sub payments and how these costs are spent read our club statement.

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Return to football and payments

Important Announcement

There will be required a 1 off Subs payment for July 2020 as we look to return earlier due to not being allowed out for the last few months. Please ensure you have made payment ASAP.

Important Announcement

If you have not yet cancelled your Direct Debit, please do so immediately.

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Roman Rangers Committee request parents suspend club payments due to COVID-19

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2020/21 Season - fees

Annual fees for the 20/21 season. Unlike previous seasons, where we have spread the costs over 12 months, we have now moved to the official FA system and payments will only be over the 10 months of the season.

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